Rossella Cardone, Ericsson (ET)

At Ericsson, I am the Head of Innovation, Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility at Ericsson for the Region Mediterranean. In my position, I lead and drive innovation and S&CR activities as well as encouraging the right conditions for creativity and innovation in the company.

How did you become involved with the SATORI project?

I’ve been invited to participate to SATORI project by other partners who knew about how important are Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility and Innovation for Ericsson. SATORI could represent a very interesting opportunity to share experiences and explore new ethical models focused on innovation areas.

What is your role in The SATORI Project?

I represent the only private company involved in the project, and for this reason my role is to sharE best practices from Information and Communication Technology, and to provide insight from an industrial point of view on the definition of new ethical models

What would be the most desirable outcome of the project?

Ericsson is always committed to analyse new ways of working and new models on Sustainability &Corporate Responsibility in collaboration with driving stakeholders from Europe and worldwide. SATORI objectives and deliverables represent a leading research activity to explore new ethical models in collaboration with experts from different fields and research entities.

How do you see mutual learning taking place in the SATORI project? What can you take with you home?

It is very interesting to see many different stakeholders working on the same project. I take home the awareness that no matter the field or sector you belong to, everyone wants to make the best out of this project and invest time and effort in it. This is very exciting and stimulating.