SATORI expert on Serbian National Television

Dalibor Petrović, Serbian expert and associate of the Center for the Promotion of Science talked about the main goals of the SATORI project at the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation.

“Ethics is one of the main aspects of the scientific research. Through the process of globalization, it was noticed that regulations varied from country to country and that some ethical principles, covering different fields of science, do not even exist”, said Mr. Petrović.

Mr. Petrović also explained the current situation in ethical assessment in Serbia. “The common feature of Serbia and other EU countries is that ethical assessment is the most developed in field of medical sciences and clinical trials. But, in some other scientific disciplines regulations and clear procedures barely exist”, Mr. Petrovic explained.

“The wider public had a chance to experience this lack of regulations when recently faced through media with serious cases of scientific plagiarism, which sparked an ongoing debate. It was not officially determined weather fraud existed or not, since there was no appropriate authorities to deal with that and there were no standards or regulations to help solve the case”, he remarked.

The interview appeared on March, 2016 in the TV show Kontekst 21 dedicated to innovations and technology.
[See the program in Serbian here]