Advisory Board

Chiara Giovannini


Ms. Giovannini is senior manager for policy and innovation at ANEC, the European consumer voice in standardization.  ANEC represent the European consumer interest in the creation of technical standards, especially those developed to support the implementation of European laws and public policies.

Ms. Giovannini works on policy development and on relations with ISO/COPOLCO.  She also manages the Design for All and Information Society Working Groups as well as the Nanotechnology Project Team of ANEC.  She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in law.

Anke Reinhardt


Ms. Reinhardt is director of evaluation and monitoring at DFG (German Research Foundation) and former chair of the European Science Foundation (ESF) Member Organisation Forum on the Evaluation of Publicly Funded Research.

She authored the 2012 ESF report on Evaluation in Research and Research Funding Organizations: European Practices.  The ESF Mo Forum concluded its work in December 2012.

Elmar Doppelfeld


Prof. Doppelfeld is chair of the board of the European Network of Research Ethics Committees (EUREC) and honorary chair of the Permanent Working Group of Research Ethics Committees in Germany (AKEK).  He received his PhD in nuclear medicine at the University of Bonn.

He has held positions at various medical schools, has functioned as managing secretary of the German Medical Association, and is a former vice-president and president (2005-2007) of the Steering Committee on Bioethics of the Council of Europe (CDBI).  He is still member of the bureau (board) of this committee.

George Gunn

 Mr. Gunn is Division Head, Novartis Animal Health, and Head, Corporate Responsibility, of Novartis, and has held both positions since 2011. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of Novartis. Mr. Gunn graduated with a bachelor of veterinary medicine and surgery degree from the Royal School of Veterinary Studies in the United Kingdom. In 2008, he received an honorary doctorate in veterinary medicine and surgery from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Novartis International AG, based in Basel, Switserland, is a leading multinational pharmaceutical company.  In 2010 it ranked number two in sales amongst the world-wide industry, with sales of 47 billion US $.  Novartis specializes in pharmaceuticals, consumer health products and animal health products.  The major bases for R&D of Novartis are Basel (Switzerland), Hyderabad (India), Shanghai (China), and Cambridge (USA).

Maurizio Salvi


Dr. Salvi is secretary of the Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC), which directly advises president Barroso of the European Commission on science and technology policy.  He is also a member of the Bureau of European Policy Advisors (BEPA) and the former head of the secretariat of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE).