• SATORI Newsletter April 2017

    Catch up on the latest news on the revised European code of conduct for research integrity, RRI in the health industry, responsible innovation, precautionary principle and quality of life: new guidance developed in Italy, green light for the creation of…

  • SATORI Newsletter – December 2016

    Catch up on the latest news on animal welfare, CIOMS guidelines, corporate social responsibility, CRISPR gene-editing, ethics and fundamental rights, healthcare ethics, human subject research, research integrity, research misconduct, the SATORI CWA, and social egg and cryogenic freezing. Read more…

  • SATORI Newsletter – October 2016

    Catch up on news about algorithmic accountability, ethics in design, gender equality, genome interventions, impact of ethics officers, informatics ethics review boards, SATORI CEN Workshop Agreement, SATORI mutual learning workshops, standard for robots, transgender ethics, etc. Read more in our October…

  • SATORI Newsletter – August 2016

    Catch up on news about patient access to new medicines, principles of science policy making, mHealth privacy, and new ethical guidelines and Codes etc. Read more in our August newsletter.

  • SATORI Newsletter, July 2016

    Catch up on news about animal research, telemedicine ethical guidelines, genetic modification of human embryos, gender equality, etc. Read more in our July newsletter.