The SATORI project will facilitate dialogue events and other network building activities to engage stakeholders in the process of consolidating and advancing ethical assessment of research and innovation.

These events will include among others:

  • Stakeholder mapping (incl. scientists, regulators, civil society, industrial actors, standards bodies, public bodies, research ethics committees, international bodies, and members of the public).
  • Surveying of stakeholders’ needs for capacity building and training
  • A main workshop to engage stakeholders in the design of the SATORI framework
  • Training sessions to introduce the SATORI framework in selected Member States
  • A testing workshop regarding the cost-effectiveness ethical assessment
  • Stakeholder discussions about the impacts of ethical assessment
  • Strategic planning with key stakeholders to ensure sustainability of the framework.
  • Ongoing dialogue with policy-level stakeholders
  • Conference presentations


Events will be announced and reported on this page and through direct invitations. Please subscribe to the newsletter so that we may keep you updated.