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Poster Session – Potential uptake of SATORI in RRI/Ethics related H2020 projects

Day 1, 9/13/17 6:00 pm - 9/13/17 7:00 pm

  • HEIRRI (Higher Education Institutions and Responsible Research and Innovation): aims to further integrate RRI within formal and informal education of future scientists, engineers, and other professionals involved in research, development, and innovation processes. To this end, HEIRRI develops, tests and disseminates RRI training programmes and materials to be used at higher education institutions at different educational levels. European Commission, Horizon 2020 (2015-2018)
  • BODEGA: (Proactive Enhancement of Human Performance in Border Control) aim is to develop future border checks with human factors expertise in order to enhance efficiency , border security and traveller satisfaction. The project focuses on the changes to traveller processes and border controller work due to the introduction of smarter border control systems like automated gates and self-service systems based on biometrics. The traveller is one important actor in the entire process and thus also the traveller’s role needs to be carefully considered in the development and implementation of future technologies.In order to gain better understanding of different aspects of border crossing from travellers’ point of view, we’ve conducted a survey that focuses on travellers’ experience, opinions and perceptions concerning current as well as future border control. (2015-2019)
  • ENERI (European Network of Research Ethics and Research Integrity): The project brings together European initiatives involved in research ethics and research integrity and establishes an operable platform of actors in these areas. The network aims at strengthening activities of education and training in research ethics and research integrity, promoting a culture of integrity, and fostering the development of and compliance with joint rules and norms. Moreover, it will be strongly linked to other relevant EC funded projects and thus lead to new collaborations, implementations, and incentives for the European Research Era (ERA) and civil society. European Commission, Horizon 2020 (2016-2019).
  • MoRRI (Monitoring the evolution and benefits of Responsible Research and Innovation): The project’s objective is “to provide scientific evidence, data, analysis and policy intelligence to support directly Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DG-RTD) research funding activities and policy-making activities in relation with Responsible Research and Innovation”. The project empirically investigates the impacts of RRI activities covering the six RRI key dimensions (Citizen Engagement and Participation, Science Literacy and Scientific Education, Gender Equality, Open Access, R&I Governance, Ethics) using quantitative and qualitative data. European Commission, Call for Tenders (2014-2018).
  • NewHoRRIzon: (Excellence in science and innovation for Europe by adopting the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation) sets out to promote the acceptance of RRI in Horizon 2020 (H2020) and beyond. It will work out the conceptual and operational basis to fully integrate RRI into European and national research and innovation (R&I) practice and funding. In order to accomplish this goal, NewHoRRIzon will establish altogether 18 Social Labs that cover all sections of H2020. Together with a wide-ranging group of R&I stakeholders, in these Social Labs, NewHoRRIzon will co-create tailor-made pilot actions that will stimulate an increased use and acceptance of RRI across H2020 and each of its parts. European Commission, Horizon 2020 (2017-2021).