Ethical Impact Assessment Framework for Research and Innovation

On September 17, 2015, the SATORI partner NEN (Netherlands Standardization Institute) will host the workshop ‘Ethical Impact Assessment for Research and Innovation’. The SATORI Workshop will assess the feasibility of European consensus for such a framework.

Ethical impact assessment of research and innovation considers potential societal harms and risks and implications for fundamental rights, justice, well-being of citizens and the common good. Such assessments may require a consideration of potential impacts on health, the environment, work, leisure, social relations, politics and values. The framework aims to facilitate the embedding of scientific and technological advances in our society.

The workshop present the first step towards creating a CEN workshop agreement (CWA) for the ethical impact assessment framework that SATORI is developing.

Kick-off meeting

The Kick-off meeting takes place at the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre in Brussels, 10:30 – 16:00 hrs on September 17, 2015.

At this kick-off meeting we will:

  • approve the Workshop Project Plan by agreement of the participants;
  • select the project team, appoint the Workshop Chair and designate the secretariat;
  • solicit for source materials from the different participating countries and experts.

Further details on the kick-off meeting are provided in the draft agenda

The draft Workshop SATORI project plan provides detailed information about the background, scope, objectives and planning of the CEN Workshop SATORI.


Are you interested to participate in the development of a European consensus document that sets ethical requirements and provides guidance for research and innovation?

Participation in the CEN Workshop SATORI is open to all interested parties. CEN has forwarded the invitation within their European Standardization network of all national standardization bodies. SATORI partners are inviting interested parties from the people/organizations they have interviewed or are on their stakeholder list. Please feel free to share this invitation with interested parties in your network.

For registration, please click the ‘Nu inschrijven’ button at the NEN web-page.

Travel and venue information is found here

For more information please contact:

Marlou.Bijlsma (a) or thamar.zijlstra (a)
Netherlands Standardization Institute