Marlou Bijlsma and Thamar Zijlstra, NEN

NEN partner in SATORI

NEN is the Dutch standardization organization, national member of the CEN and ISO networks.

NEN is involved in SATORI to develop a pre-standard on ethics assessment for research and innovation. We are happy to be asked to join the SATORI team.

Marlou Bijlsma, nutritionist by education, and Thamar Zijlstra, political scientist by education, are happy to join the SATORI team. Especially the challenges as presented by the Responsible Research Initiative are very interesting and important. We gladly contribute our standardization expertise to support that the outcomes of research and innovation are addressing societal issues and to prevent or tweak unwanted outcomes.

In NEN Marlou Bijlsma is involved standardization in healthcare developments, such as quality, safety and information exchange. Thamar Zijlstra is involved in standardization in environmental and organisational developments.

       Marlou Bijlsma                           Thamar Zijlstra

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