Public inquiry extended: Have your say on ethics assessment in Europe until November, 30th 2016

EU FP7 project invites you to give your feedback on the first version of the CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation) Workshop Agreement – CWA – a document which sets requirements and provides guidelines for ethics assessment undertaken by research ethics committees and other units and individuals that have a responsibility to evaluate the ethical aspects of R&I.

The objective of the CWA is to come to widely supported agreements on ethical assessment for all scientific disciplines.

EU FP7 SATORI project aims at reaching a harmonized approach towards ethics assessment of research and innovation (R&I), while exploring differences in values, principles and research practices between different countries, organisations and scientific fields.

Public inquiry opened until November, 30th

From mid-September to the end of November stakeholders are invited to review the first version of the document through the NEN website. The document is available in English and comments will be only accepted in English. Stakeholders are all organizations or individuals involved in the process of research and innovation: researches, universities, ethics committees and assessors, research organizations, industry, funding agencies etc.

The CWA process takes about a year and is typically used for new subjects within standardization. The document is again reviewed after three years, while a full standard can only be developed after five years. A CWA is also called a pre-standard. Part of the development of a CWA is a public inquiry phase.

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