Work Package 9:

Policy watch and policy recommendations

  • Deliverable 9.1: A report on initiatives and policy developments at local, national and European levels

    Task Leader: TRI

    • Initiatives and policy developments at local, national, and European levels

      The report identifies key policy actors at the global, EU and national levels and presents overviews of policy developments impacting ethics assessment of R&I at these levels. It outlines major policy developments in the following countries: Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, UK and USA. It discusses good practice developments and the opportunities, challenges and barriers to introducing and using the SATORI ethics assessment framework. It also contains recommen-dations for policy-makers to strengthen ethics assessment of R&I.

  • Deliverable 9.2: The consortium’s newsletter

    Task Leader: TRI

    • The consortium’s newsletter

      This report presents the SATORI consortium’s newsletter and blog published under the auspices of work package 9.

  • Deliverable 9.3: Policy recommendations and policy briefs

    Task Leader: UT

    • Key policy recommendations and policy briefs (draft)

      This deliverable offers an overview of the key recommendations that resulted from the
      SATORI projects. Additionally, it presents six policy briefs that were written to condense the main findings of the SATORI project into short, comprehensive texts that allow for these findings to be translated into actual policy for ethics assessment in research and innovation (R&I).