Integrating Responsible Research and Innovation at Higher Education Institutions

HEIRRI project, integrating Responsible Research and Innovation at Higher Education Institutions

By: Marta Cayetano, ACUP (Catalan Association of Public Universities) and GUNi (Global University Network for innovation)

The HEIRRI project (Higher Education Institutions and Responsible Research and Innovation) is an initiative funded by the European Commission that seeks to integrate the concept of “Responsible Research and Innovation” (RRI) within the education of future professionals involved in the research and innovation system, to promote its alignment with societal needs, values and expectations. HEIRRI understands RRI as a transformative, critical and radical concept, although also considering the six key aspects identified by the European Commission (public engagement, gender, open access, science education, ethics and governance). RRI can potentially make research and innovation investment more efficient, while at the same time focus on global societal challenges.

HEIRRI’s recent achievements are a thorough State of the Art Review, a Database with 23 exemplary cases of RRI teaching and the design of Training Programmes addressing different educational levels in innovative methodologies and via multimedia formats. The project has launched a call addressed to higher education institutions around the world interested in testing these training programmes. The selected institutions will pilot the HEIRRI programmes in parallel with the Consortium member institutions between June 2017 and April 2018 and they will actively participate in the learning process through their first-hand experience and feedback.

Additionally, the project has a Forum Online which is a space for debate and dialogue between the project and the many stakeholders affected or involved in RRI and/or HEI. This multi-stakeholder online dialogue aims to raise the awareness and knowledge of RRI, to contribute to the co-development of Open Access specific instruments that stimulate the integration of RRI in professional careers, and to integrate a debate of RRI aspects. The project encourages SATORI blog readers to join the Forum Online sending an email to

All HEIRRI results are, and will be shared on open access and can be found here:

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