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By Rowena Rodrigues, Trilateral Research Ltd.

To fight exploitation in developing countries, TRUST is what you need!

It now seems clear, at least since the Lund Declaration (2009), that major societal challenges of our times such as global warming, tightening supplies of energy, water and food, pandemics and global health crises, can only be addressed with effective research and innovation, and policies that are global in their scope and which enable cross‐ and trans‐border collaboration.

Is the independence of ethics committees at risk?

Is the independence of ethics committees being compromised? The independence and impartiality of ethics committees are critical to ensure that the assessments or reviews they carry out are fair, free from influence, and lawful. Independence and impartiality help to build…

The SATORI CWA: Implications for research and innovation policy

Our October newsletter covers a variety of topics: algorithmic accountability, changes to organ donation, citizen science, clinical trials, cloned human meat, ethics in design, gender equality, genome interventions, impact of ethics officers, informatics ethics review boards, modernisation of EU copyright…

Ethical Challenges for Research On Human-Animal Hybrids

Due to advances in genetic engineering, it is now possible to create human-animal hybrid organisms in the laboratory using pluripotent stem cells. But should we do so? In the U.S., the National Institute of Health (NIH) is considering lifting their moratorium on funding for such research, and the current regulations on the creation of hybrids vary between countries in Europe. The NIH has invited public comment on its proposal to fund research on hybrids, open until 6 September 2016.