Belgrade SATORI Mutual Learning Workshop (for academy and CSOs representatives)

Date: November 25th 2016

Venue: Hotel Park 1st floor, Njegoševa 2, Belgrade

The SATORI project is organizing a series of mutual-learning workshops on ethics assessment of research and innovation during November, 2016. Two one-day training sessions will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, aimed at ethics assessment specialists, academy and CSO representatives.

The second one-day mutual learning workshop, aimed at academy and CSO representatives, will be held on November 25th. During the course of the workshop, the SATORI proposal for ethics assessment procedures will be presented, as well as the country report for Serbia, outlining the results of the analyse of the ethical assessment of research and innovation in the Republic of Serbia and how ethical assessment plays a role in the activities of professional groups and associations for research and innovation and of civil society organisations (CSOs).

The participants will also have a chance to learn about ethical aspects of clinical trials on the global and local level. The short introductory will be given to another EU project, called RRI Tools and its practical set of tools that help researchers and other stakeholder groups put responsible research into practice.

At the second half of the training, participants will be split into two groups when group discussion about the SATORI results and findings will take place.