Ethical Impact Assessment Framework for research and innovation

The Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN), recently hosted a workshop on a CEN workshop agreement (CWA) for the ethical impact assessment framework of SATORI. Marlou Bijlsma spoke on the necessity of the framework:

Several scandals on research and innovation have increased the need for ethical assessment. For the quality and public acceptance of research and innovation, it is important to improve ethical assessment. During conducting research but also when an innovation is introduced, ethical issues are relevant: how do we deal with test persons? How do we deal with privacy? What is the long term economic, social and environmental impact of an innovation? Additionally, research is increasingly conducted internationally. SATORI has as an objective to explore and harmonize existing practices of ethical assessment.” For more information on NEN’s involvement please visit their page

On September 17, 2015, the SATORI partner NEN (Netherlands Standardization Institute) hosted the workshop ‘Ethical Impact Assessment for Research and Innovation’. The SATORI Workshop assessed the feasibility of European consensus for such a framework.

The workshop presented the first step towards creating a CEN workshop agreement (CWA) for the ethical impact assessment framework that SATORI is developing.

At this kick-off meeting we:

  • approved the Workshop Project Plan by agreement of the participants;
  • selected the project team, appoint the Workshop Chair and designated the secretariat;
  • solicited for source materials from the different participating countries and experts

The SATORI project plan, and a report of the CWA kick-off meeting can be found here.

Marlou.Bijlsma (a) or thamar.zijlstra (a)
Netherlands Standardization Institute