Belgrade SATORI Mutual Learning Workshop (for ethics assessors)

Date: November 24th 2016

Venue: Hotel Park 1st floor, Njegoševa 2, Belgrade

The SATORI project is organizing a series of mutual-learning workshops on ethics assessment of research and innovation during November, 2016. Two one-day training sessions will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, aimed at ethics assessment specialists, academy and CSO representatives.

The first one-day mutual-learning workshop is aimed at the ethics assessors and it will be held on November 24, 2016. The workshop participants will have a chance to learn about SATORI proposal for ethics assessment procedures as well as about institutional landscape of ethics assessment in the EU.

In addition to this, participants will be presented with country report on ethics assessment in Serbia, which was developed during the course of the project. The report outlines how national and regional governments have put into place organisational structures, laws, policies and procedures for ethical assessment, how both publicly funded and private research and innovation systems address ethical issues in R&I in the Republic of Serbia.

During the splinter group sessions participants will have opportunity to give feedback on SATORI proposals and its implementation potential. Different case studies prepared for this occasion will serve as a test bed for implementation of the ethical impact assessment in practice.