SATORI mutual learning events: Utrecht

The SATORI project aims to develop a common European framework for ethical assessment of research and innovation. To this effect, in collaboration with stakeholders, it has drafted an ethics assessment framework that will help enhance and support ethical and responsible research and innovation. Stakeholders are all organizations or individuals involved in the process of research and innovation: researches, universities, ethics committees and assessors, research organizations, industry, funding agencies, the media etc. The mutual learning workshops aim to further engage with our stakeholders, present SATORI’s findings, discuss and test the framework, and receive feedback on it.

The core materials for the workshops are the following:

  1. Outline of a Common Ethics Assessment Framework
  2. CEN Workshop Agreement Part 1: Ethics assessment for research and innovation — Part 1: Ethics
    assessment unit
  3. CEN commenting table for Part 1
  4. CEN Workshop Agreement Part 2: Ethical Impact Assessment
  5. CEN commenting table for Part 2